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One of the most crucial aspects of vehicle maintenance that often falls by the wayside is keeping on top of your truck and trailer’s wheel alignment. Proper alignment ensures that your truck and trailer’s wheels are parallel and pointing in the correct direction, resulting in better performance, better handling, fuel efficiency, and safety.

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Symptoms of Incorrect Alignment

If either the truck or trailer’s alignment is off, it can cause several symptoms that indicate the need for an alignment check. These include uneven or excessive tire wear, pulling to the left or right, a feeling of looseness or wandering, the trailer swinging left and right when it should otherwise be straight, steering wheel vibration or shimmy, and the steering wheel not being centered when the truck is moving straight ahead.

Frequency of Wheel Alignment Check

While manufacturers may have their own recommendations (which you should never discount), Santin Auto & Truck Repair recommends at minimum to have your truck and trailer’s wheel alignment checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Regular alignment checks can detect and correct any issues before they cause significant problems.

Importance of Total Alignment

Total alignment is Santin Auto & Truck Repair’s comprehensive alignment service that addresses every wheel of your truck and trailer, no matter the size or number of wheels. This service provides several benefits, including

  • Reduced Tire Wear: Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over time, ensuring your truck and trailer’s wheels are properly aligned can add thousands of miles to tire life. Premature tire wear often occurs due to adverse wear patterns that occur when the wheels are misaligned.
  • Better Gas Mileage: Total alignment sets all wheels across your truck and trailer parallel, reducing rolling resistance. This, along with proper tire inflation, can improve fuel efficiency and save on gas costs.
  • Improved Handling: When your truck and trailer’s wheels are correctly aligned, road shock is more efficiently absorbed, providing a smoother ride. This also prevents you from having to fight the trailer as it swings left and right due to misalignment. Many handling problems can be corrected with our Total Alignment service.
  • Safer Driving: A suspension system inspection is included in the alignment procedure for both your truck and trailer. This allows for the detection of worn parts before they cause costly problems, allowing us to either repair or replace said parts as needed. A truck and trailer with proper alignment are also easier to control and handle, reducing the risk of accidents from the truck swerving or the trailer swinging left and right.

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If you notice any symptoms of incorrect alignment, bring your truck and trailer to Santin Auto & Truck Repair for a round of our comprehensive Total Alignment service. Our expert mechanics can ensure that your truck and trailer is aligned correctly and running efficiently. Call us today to schedule your alignment appointment!

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