Santin Auto & Truck Repair Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our services.

Do you have any repair or maintenance services the team excels in?
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While the Santin Auto & Truck Repair team can work on whatever your truck or auto needs to keep going, we’re proud to say the team particularly excels in steering suspension work, driveability diagnostic software services, and working on both diesel truck and auto brakes.

What kind of certifications does the Santin Auto & Truck Repair team have?
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All the mechanics on our team are fully ASE-certified, while Santin Auto & Truck Repair is fully qualified and certified for work on Allison Transmission, Spartan RV Chassis, and Goodyear products in addition to being a certified NAPA Repair Center.

How many technicians does Santin Auto & Truck Repair have?
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Santin Auto & Truck Repair has seven technicians on staff, including the owner, with 65 years of experience between them.

What types of diesel trucks can you work with?
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While we specialize in fleets, we’re capable of working on all diesel truck weight classes (light, medium, and heavy) in addition to all makes and models of autos!

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